Collection: Outdoor Exterior Coatings

Make your outdoor decks and recreational areas look top-notch with FlexRock Exterior Top Coats. This single component, moisture curing polyurethane coating has excellent abrasion resistance against wheel and pedestrian traffic. Ideal for exterior, sun-exposed surfaces such as parking decks, mechanical room floors, roof decks, plazas, recreation decks, walkways & balconies that require waterproofing coated surfaces.

Available in gray, tan or clear – so you can choose the right one to best enhance any outdoor area or structure. Utilizing only high quality materials – this product is designed to last year after year offering superior protection from the elements including rain & sun exposure. Easy installation makes upgrading your outdoor surfaces possible in no time—giving an end result you won’t be able to help but brag about!

Be proud of your recreational areas & outdoor structures with FlexRock Exterior Top coats- providing superior waterproofing coverage with unbeatable durability and long lasting performance. Get it now!