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FX- Hybrid Sealant

FX- Hybrid Sealant

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FlexRock FX-HYBRID Roof Seal is a professional-grade hybrid roof coating / sealant. The high-performance formulation is solvent-free, low odor and non-flammable, making it safer to use than oxime or alkoxy-based silicones and polyurethanes. Hybrid Roof Seal is a single-stage, moisture cure monolithic roof coating that can be built up in a single pass.

Hybrid Roof Seal is suitable for low-slope and zero-slope roofs and is part of our Hybrid roof restoration system with available FX-BLEED asphalt bleed blocker and mastic sealant.

Provides outstanding water resistance, weatherproofing characteristics, self-leveling properties, and is crack bridging, non-shrinking, and non-cracking.  It can be used to extend the life of existing roof systems or for roof patches and repairs to many common roofing materials.


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