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FX-100 2.5 Gal kit
FlexRock FX-100 Sealant Coating There is nothing like FlexRock FX-100. A flexible, rugged sealant, FlexRock FX-100 bonds to a wide range of substrates and bonds to them in seconds. It has three times the strength of epoxy and bonds to a variety of substrates in seconds. It bonds easily to...
FLEX Fabric Seam Tape
FlexRock Flex Fabric Seam Tape is an easy to use economical and permanent sealing tape that bonds to most materials, including roofing membranes, metals, plastics, and most other materials. This tape uses an elastomeric adhesive bonded to a woven polyester fabric backing for maximum conformability. FLEX Fabric Seam Tape can...
Reinforcing Mat 3 ft x 81 ft
The FlexRock Reinforcing Mat is a heavy duty spunbond polyester that is tear and puncture resistant. It improves strength and provides a rapid repair for blisters, splits, and tears in existing substrates prior to coating. Use of the Reinforcing Mat with FlexRock Liquid Membranes provides more than 50% strength improvement...
Seal It Edging Sealant
Substrate Repair & Seal. A one-part, high-quality, flexible material for use with Flexrock Coatings, FX-100 & FX-HYBRID. Permanently Flexible Outdoor Grade Non Shrinking Applicable to Wet Surfaces Solvent-Free • Odorless Uses: Based on hybrid technology, this can be applied to wet surfaces and is non-shrinking, making it ideal as a...
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