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FlexRock Coatings™ specializes in commercial cultivation facilities high build flooring systems. We offer factory-direct pricing with volume discounts on our value packages. Selling directly from our factory has numerous advantages. The most significant benefit is the quality and price relationship created by using this direct marketing approach. Our team is here to help you with your floor coating needs.

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We have designed packages to match the best type facility environment. Our factory-direct program is straight forward and designed to save you money by providing volume discounts on you commercial flooring needs.

Perfect for grow rooms and areas with high-intensity lighting. These high build systems are UV resistant and are the most durable solution available for any area of cultivation or any industrial facility. These coatings have excellent high-impact and chemical resistance.

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These coatings are excellent solutions for high-impact areas that need enduring strength. These high build systems are economical and offer outstanding chemical resistance. They are the perfect choice for the non-high intensity lighting areas.

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Thin mil flooring is an economical alternative to more robust high-build flooring. Not only does it provide a good surface for low traffic areas, the cost savings when building out your new facility can be offset by using thin mil in areas where wear isn’t a concern.

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Our 12 years of cultivation industry experience have provided us with invaluable insight on not only the importance of facility hygiene by keeping plant killing pathogens controlled, but also the equal importance of staying compliant in front of regulation changes as they happen. Knowing how to value engineer a cultivation facility and getting you GMP compliant is our specialty.The green industry is still growing. This means the regulations and standards are changing all the time, which can lead to a lot of downtime if you’re not prepared.

Our team’s past industry experience has allowed us to work in almost every legal state. It doesn’t matter if it’s medical or recreation. In our opinion, the minimum standard growing environment will have to be pharmaceutical-grade cultivation facilities. All cultivation facilities will have to become GMP compliant when the federal authorities regulate the industry. Across the board, massive amounts of cultivation and production facilities will be required to meet new standards in regulations.

Don’t leave your crops vulnerable to plant-killing pathogens. Micro cracks can harbor diseases that can ultimately create a crop loss or the worst case of a product recall. Just having a polished concrete floor can lead to future downtime when regulations change. Soon, the green industry will have a change in policy where federal scrutiny will become the standard.

A polished concrete floor is not sufficient for an agricultural environment. Concrete floors are easily scratched by heavy machinery or even foot traffic, making them difficult to clean. That can lead to unsanitary conditions, making it easy for foreign materials such as dirt and dust to become trapped in cracks and fissures where pathogens can grow.

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