FlexRock Coating High Build System vs. Thin Mil System.

FlexRock Coatings High Build System Profile/Appearance: 40-50 plus mils, solid color. The FlexRock Coatings High Build System Provides the necessary coverage to hide track marks, spalls, and other concrete imperfections, giving the floor a solid profile. These systems are designed for industrial floor applications where the floor is subject to moderate traffic and chemical exposure. [...]

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What’s a Flooring Top Coat vs a Flooring Base Coat?

We know that choosing a  top coat for a floor coating can get confusing. With several formulations available, how do you know which is best for you? Which type you choose may also depend on whether you are applying it yourself or having it professionally installed. For this reason, we have decided to review the various clear coat [...]

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Why is it so important to have a food grade flooring system?

Our 10 years of industry experience have provided us with invaluable insight on not only the importance of facility hygiene by keeping plant killing pathogens controlled, but also the equal importance of staying compliant in front of regulation changes as they happen.  With more and more industry scrutiny, food-grade and pharmaceutical standards will become [...]

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Why it is Important to remove laitance before coating your concrete?

  "Although it may not be immediately evident, trafficking impact and the stress imposed on the bond line through repeated fluctuations in temperature will eventually cause the laitance interface layer to delaminate, resulting in the flooring installation failing," writes Neil Sanders, in the Contract Flooring Journal. Laitance can cost your team big bucks and unnecessary man-hours [...]

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