What makes FlexRock Coatings™ flooring systems different?

FlexRock Coating Systems are engineered to bring performance and cost savings. FlexRock Coatings’

high-build floor coating systems provide enhanced durability over other coating options.

All areas benefit from our Flagship FlexRock Application which is more than 3x’s stronger than concrete and more robust than any stand-alone epoxy. FlexRock Coatings Base is eco-friendly, virtually odor-free, and VOC-free. This self-leveling thicker system (32 to 100 mils) is perfect for new floors or filling cracks and imperfections in older floors.

Outstanding auto-bonding adhesion qualities remain flexible with 50 – 100% elongation protecting against expansion/contraction stress.

FlexRock Coatings

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We have designed DIY Packages to match the best type of facility environment. Our factory-direct program is straightforward and designed to save you money.

FlexRock Coatings
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FlexRock Coatings
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FlexRock Coatings
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Need-specific solutions

We understand varying flooring conditions. A residential garage floor may require different flooring systems as compared to an industrial warehouse. At FlexRock Coatings™, we will tailor a need-specific solution that offers you maximum value for money and lasts you for years to come!

Professional installation

Our installer network is comprised of flooring professionals that have years of resinous flooring installing experience! Services from our installer network:
Shot blasting
Diamond grinding
Moisture mitigation

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What makes us different?

The FlexRock Coatings™ floor system has been professionally engineered to give the best performance and value by combining the FlexRock Coatings™ base with its natural and unsurpassed adhesion and elastic qualities.


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Installer Network

Installer Network

Work with flooring professional in your area. Choose from a network that services your local arage

Installer Network

Need a Professional Installer? We can help!

At FlexRock Coatings, we pride ourselves by producing outstanding products that are both extremely durable and support a sustainable industry. We value customer satisfaction and integrity with our industry partners.

  • Flooring Installation

  • Flooring Repair

  • Shot Blasting /Diamond Grinding

  • Moisture Mitigation 

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You’ll have professional and high-quality grade floors that will last for years to come.

FlexRock Coatings
FlexRock Coatings