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The Best Eco-Friendly Coating for Garage Floors

Eco-Friendly Garage Flooring

Garage floors are tough on any type of surface material – but they can be especially hard on coatings. It is a high-traffic area of your home. It needs to endure heavy use and a lot of wear and tear, making it one area where high-quality flooring is essential.


A garage floor coating from FlexRock Coatings will hold up to even the toughest applications, ensuring that you’ll get the most long-lasting service and value out of your investment. With industry-leading eco-friendly formulations and customizable color and finish options, there’s no better choice than FlexRock Coatings for a garage floor coating that adds outstanding appeal and functionality to your home. That’s why we’ve developed our proprietary formula with an advanced polymer system that provides greater flexibility while maintaining superior durability against chemicals, moisture, abrasion, impact damage (even from cars), salt spray corrosion – all without sacrificing aesthetics!

We offer a comprehensive selection of customizable floor coating products built for lasting durability. Let us help you make the perfect choice to enhance your outdoor space—at a price that won’t break the bank!

With our wide range of products, you can find the perfect coating for any surface. From concrete to wood, we have a product that will work best for you. We offer coatings that are easy to maintain and provide lasting protection from harsh weather conditions like UV rays and foot traffic. Our coatings also come in many different colors so you can customize your space to match your personal style or needs.

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Weekend DIY garage floor coating project makes for showroom quality flooring

After years of use and abuse, this Colorado family’s garage floors got pretty nasty. They were tired of looking at it every day. With FlexRock Coatings and in one DIY weekend they created a show room quality floor coating. Now they have a great work space and floor they will love for years to come.

With FlexRock Coating you can turn your ordinary garage floor into a durable, long-lasting surface that looks great and protects against stains and wear from everyday use! Don’t want to install it yourself? We may have an installer in your area.

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You’ll have professional and high-quality grade floors that will last for years to come.