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Your home is one of the most important investments in your life. That’s why we want to provide you with quality products at an affordable price so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Our

coatings are designed specifically for outdoor use and will last up to 10 times longer than other options on the market today. You deserve nothing less than our best workmanship when it comes to protecting what matters most.

FlexRock Coatings
FlexRock Coatings
FlexRock Coatings
FlexRock Coatings
FlexRock Coatings
FlexRock Coatings

We offer a comprehensive selection of customizable floor coating products built for lasting durability. Let us help you make the perfect choice to enhance your outdoor space—at a price that won’t break the bank!

With our wide range of products, you can find the perfect coating for any surface. From concrete to wood, we have a product that will work best for you. We offer coatings that are easy to maintain and provide lasting protection from harsh weather conditions like UV rays and foot traffic. Our coatings also come in many different colors so you can customize your space to match your personal style or needs.

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How To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home


  • A Great DIY Project or work with an installer from the installer network
  • Repairs and adds beauty at the same time
  • Wide variety of customizable colors and styles
  • Add Non-slip texture options for additional safety and security
  • Affordable pricing and great way to make you outdoor areas look fantastic on a budget

Look How FlexRock Coating fills deep cracks in this heavily damaged our door concrete.

Tired Old Porch Floor Comes to life

This 50-year-old porch had serious concrete damage. The homeowners were shocked at the replacement cost so they decided to look for alternatives. To save money, the owners coated their old flooring with FlexRock Coatings and were able to do so for a fraction of the cost.

Watch as they transform this worn-out space into something beautiful!

Check Out This Awesome Weekend Patio Project

The backyard patio was neglected for years, but the owners had been ready to make this space something and some they could be proud of. Being on a tight budget they needed an affordable solution. In just one weekend with Flexrock Coatings they created a bright space that is easy to clean and sure to impress any guest who visits!