Fluid Applied Reinforcement Roofing System

Coating and sealing a flat roof is a process of important step that requires proper preparation and addressing potential problems by using various techniques and materials. Please read our roofing coating instructions and follow important steps before starting any project. It is imperative to use different materials based on the roof type and the problem area. Not all roofs are the same and not all will use the same materials.

FX-100 Sealant Coating

FlexRock Coatings FX-100's unique formula repairs the underlying substrate and creates a chemical bond to fill in deep cracks and imperfections. It’s also stronger than single-component coatings.  And most importantly of all, there's no maximum mil thickness with FX-100.  Use with Flex reinforcement seam tape or a reinforcement mat and create a tear and puncture-resistant surface then add a top coat for increased flexibility and extra UV Resistance. 
FX-100 is the perfect way to start your project off right. This Environment friendly product quickly fills deep cracks and creates a thick base coat that will self-level to beautiful finish. With the FlexRock FX-100, you'll be able to get the job done quickly and easily - without sacrificing quality.

Seam Tape

Tape will bond aggressively to most materials, including: metals, plastics, roofing materials, wood, gypsum, concrete, brick, fiberglass, and many previously painted surfaces. Perform adhesion test to confirm compatibility when required.


Heavy-duty Spun-bond Polyester Tear and puncture-resistant. Improves strength. Rapid repair for blisters splits and tears in existing substrates prior to coating.

Seal It Roof 

Substrate Repair & Seal  
A one-part, high-quality, flexible material for use with Seal It Liquid Membrane
Achieving maximum performance with the FlexRock Fluid Reinforced Roofing System could require the important additional step of applying one of our elastomeric top coats. The right top coat will offer extra elasticity, tensile strength, and superior UV protection. Need help deciding? Our team can help you determine which one is right for you, taking into account aspects like current roof condition and repair budget. Let us help you evaluate your specific roof coating needs, so you can get the most out of your investment!

Hybrid STPU Roof Coating System 

FX-HYBRID Roof Seal is a complete roofing system based on hybrid STPU technology, ideal as a high performance alternative to traditional silicone, polyurethane, elastomeric or acrylic coatings. FX-Hybrid Roof Seal is single-stage, has no VOCs, is solvent-free, non-shrinking, non-flammable, and quick drying. It forms a durable, weatherproof membrane with excellent primerless adhesion to a wide variety of building and roofing substrates. FX-Hybrid Roof Seal can be used on new construction, as well as a maintenance coating over other single ply roofing, modified bitumen*, PU foam, metal roofing, and other approved existing roof coatings. FX-Hybrid Roof Seal can be applied with a roller, brush, squeegee, or airless spray equipment. 

Acrylic Roof Coating 

FX-812 is an economical acrylic self-plasticizing monolithic roof coatings that withstand UV, temperature extremes, mildew and normal foot traffic. This flexible membrane will accommodate building movement without cracking or splitting.

Bleed Blocking Primer for Asphaltic/Bituminous Substrates

FX-BLEED Bond It Asphalt Bleed Blocker is a one-part, high-solids, solvent-free bleed blocking primer that dries quickly, and creates a monolithic barrier when preparing asphalt and bitumen surfaces as part of a Bond It Roof Seal system. 

Liquid Rubber -Copolymer 

FX-814 is a synthetic rubber coating that transforms most existing roof membranes into an attractive, highly reflective surface with enhanced weathering characteristics. This product reflects heat and sunlight and waterproofs flashings. Can be applied to most: single ply roofs or smooth surface built up roofs.

Acrylic Roof Caulking

FX-815M is Designed to fill deep voids around projections, repair splits, repair blisters, repair seams, seal fasteners, seal head laps and boltheads.

Walkway Coating - Copolymer

FX-814R is an elastomeric copolymer rubber-based liquid with rubber granules incorporated to provide texture and slip resistance. The modified formulation has excellent elongation, UV resistance and weathering characteristics. This flexible textured membrane also has excellent resistance to ozone as well as low temperature flexibility.
Roof Coating
Save up to 80% the cost of a new roof.
  • Outstanding Adhesion

    2-3x stronger than other roof coatings. Bonds molecularly to almost any surface.
  • Self Leveling

    Fix ponding water problems in a single pour.  Fills cracks and blisters to eliminate leaks and pooling
  • Easy Application

    Roller or brush on.  No maximum thickness
  • Impact Resistant

    Super durable rock like surface that take a beating. 

The FlexRock Roof System

Save up to 80% the cost of a new roof.
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Intro To FlexRock Coatings™

How To Mix

How To Apply FlexRock

Application Video Training

Introduction to FlexRock Roof Coatings™
The FlexRock Coatings™ beat all traditional coatings hands down on durability, turnaround time, and cost. The FlexRock system is engineered to give the best performance with its natural and unsurpassed adhesion and elastic qualities. All of this with a product that is eco friendly.

Watch this video to see what makes FlexRock Coatings™ so unique. It’s stronger than concrete and stronger than epoxy.
Mixing is Critical
The key to a successful project is a combination of prep and knowing how to work with the material.
Make sure you watch this video and learn the steps for proper mixing.

Important Product Recommendations

  1. FlexRock should be at room temperature when ready to use
  2. We recommend Part A be stored at room temperature. No less than 32°F (0°C).
  3. The Part A bucket should be stored upside down for ease of mixing when used. Turn bucket upside (minimum, at least one day) before use.
  4. We recommended Part B be stored at temperatures between 75° to 105°F (24° to 41°C).
  5. Products must be kept free of moisture. Keep the containers closed because the product absorbs moisture from the air over time. Moisture in the product causes it to produce CO2 gas which may cause pressure build-up inside a sealed container.

FlexRock Roof Coatings™ Est Coverage

One FlexRock 5-Gal Kit Covers Aprox 150-250 Sq ft of flat smooth surfaces. We recommend a minimum of 32 mills of coverage. Sq. Ft/Kit 32 ml @ 250 ft.².

Flexible Rock Coating is super versatile it can be applied extra thick for added Roof Coating protection. By applying more than the minimum, you simply add more protection and extend the lifespan even further. This thicker system is perfect for filling cracks and imperfections. A chemical bond is formed between FlexRock and the roof, creating a waterproof casement.

*Coverage rates can vary depending on the type of roof substrate, surface condition and application technique.

FlexRock Coatings™ Base Working Time

  1. You will only have 30 to 40 minutes (See curing estimates chart) to apply your coating material (after Part A and Part B are mixed together) to coat your surfaces before the coating material starts to harden.
  2. In order to begin coating, the substrate must be dry which is generally not achievable without having the dew point temperature being at least 5°C or 10°F below the substrate temperature.
Learn How To Refurbish a Flat Roof
Watch an overview of the steps of a roof restoration. In this video we cover the basics.
For more detailed videos check below.

How to Pull Test

Prepping A Roof

How to Add Reinforcement

How to Add a Thickening Agent

How to Waterproof Roof Pipes


What our customer says

We put the flex rock coating on a low pitch roof in Hoboken NJ and the product is amazing!!! We used it to solve some otherwise difficult roofing solutions. Love the way you can build up the thickness of the product when and where needed. Vertical adherence is amazing as well!

Joseph M. Hoboken NJ

Roof Coating Professional Master

The team at FlexRock has been a pleasure to work with. Excellent customer service, with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Flexrock Coating products are extremely durable, and we have used them on many of our customers' roofing projects.  

Berks Commercial Roofing, ME

Roof Coating Professional

I have been in the construction industry for nearly 50 years. I am happy to have found Flex Rock Coatings due to the ease of use, durability and especially their low VOC's. There is almost no smell to the product during application . Additionally the speed of curing is especially important when weather issues threaten. 

Clisset LLC. CO

Roofing Contractor

Roofing FAQ's