Fluid Applied Reinforcement RV Coating 

Looking for a roof sealant that can handle even the most extreme conditions? FlexRock RV Roof Sealant is the perfect solution. Our unique formula repairs the underlying substrate and creates a chemical bond to fill in deep cracks and imperfections. Plus, our sealant is stronger than single-component coatings, so it won’t crack or delaminate when thickly applied. And best of all, there's no maximum mil thickness with FX-100. Use with Flex reinforcement seam tape or Reinforcement mat and create a tear and puncture-resistant surface more durable than your original roof. Drys to a golden tan, making it the perfect choice for any RV owner.
FlexRock FX-100 is the perfect way to start your project off right. This Environment friendly product quickly fills deep cracks and creates a thick base coat that will self-level to beautiful finish. With the FlexRock FX-100, you'll be able to get the job done quickly and easily - without sacrificing quality.

Reinforcement Seam Tape

Tape will bond aggressively to most materials, including: metals, plastics, roofing materials, wood, gypsum, concrete, brick, fiberglass, and many previously painted surfaces. Perform adhesion test to confirm compatibility when required.

Reinforcing Mat

Heavy-duty Spun-bond Polyester  Tear and puncture-resistant. Improves strength. Rapid repair for blisters splits and tears in existing substrates prior to coating.


Hybrid STPU Roof Coating System 

Looking for a bright whte roof coating that can reflect the sun's heat and UV rays? Look no further than FlexRock Top Coatings! Our final membrane has over 500% elongation, preventing adhesion failure. Plus, our solar reflective and UV resistant formula ensures that your roof stays cool and looking good for years to come.  This easy-to-apply sealant is ideal for adding an extra layer of waterproof protection to your RV Roof. Just apply by brush or roller. 

Acrylic Roof Coating 

      FX-812 is an acrylic self-plasticizing monolithic roof coatings that withstand UV, temperature extremes, mildew and normal foot traffic. This flexible membrane will accommodate building movement without cracking or splitting.
Roof Coating
Save up to 80% the cost of a new roof.
  • Outstanding Adhesion

    2-3x stronger than other roof coatings. Bonds molecularly to almost any surface.
  • Self Leveling

    Fix ponding water problems in a single pour.  Fills cracks and blisters to eliminate leaks and pooling
  • Easy Application

    Roller or brush on.  No maximum thickness
  • Impact Resistant

    Super durable rock like surface that take a beating. 
Roofing FAQ's