Cultivation Grow Room Flooring FXP-Polyaspartic Value Kit-10,000+ Sq ft of Coverage

This high build food-grade system is UV resistant and is the ultimate for any area of cultivation or any industrial facility, with excellent high-impact chemical resistance. It’s ready for heavy traffic and will comply with GMP regulations. This system is the most durable solution that is ideal for your entire facility.

Product Quantity

FlexRock Base Coat × 45

10x thicker High Build System: Unbeatable Durability, Adhesion, and Elasticity


FXP-80 Polyaspartic TopCoat with Color Tint × 25

Food-Grade System: UV-Resistant Extreme Durability The Ultimate For Any Area Of A Cultivation Facility

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Key Benefits 

Beats ALL traditional floor coatings HANDS DOWN on durability, turnaround time, and cost! Safest food-grade material which makes it the smart choice for your cultivation facilities. FlexRock Coatings™  base is fume-free and has no solvents, it can be installed and dries very quickly. 

What’s Included:

This High Build System covers a 10,000 +sq ft floor – The kit is comprised of our proprietary FlexRock Coatings™ Base that covers approximated 200 to 250 sq ft per 5 gal kit recommended thickness of 32 mils (250 sq ft / 5 gal) and our FXP-80-100 TopCoat / Solid color System.  Coverage: 130-200 sq ft/gal.  Includes color pigment that is mixed at the time of application.


FX-100 FlexRock Coatings™  Base 

Base application is fume-free and VOC Compliant in all 50 States. This self-leveling thicker system (32 to 100 mils) is perfect for new floors or filling cracks and imperfections in older floors. Outstanding auto-bonding adhesion qualities bond to metal, asphalt, wood, concrete, brick, block in seconds. FlexRock Coatings ™ base has no solvents. Remains flexible with 50 – 100% elongation protecting against expansion/contraction stress.

FX-100 covers approximately 200 to 250 sq ft per 5 gal kit recommended thickness of 32 mils (250 sq ft / 5 gal).   Size: 5-gallon kit Part A/B.


Top Coat FXP-80  polyaspartic FXP-80 is a two-component high solids polyaspartic clear topcoat with excellent chemical resistance, UV stability, abrasion resistance, and hardness. This material is intended to be used as a high gloss topcoat over paint chips, decorative broadcasts or colored quartz broadcasts to provide an infinite array of color schemes or patterns. FXP-80 is designed with a user-friendly 1:1 (by volume) mix ratio and has a longer working time than most polyaspartic coatings.  FXP-80 is suited for many industrial, commercial, and residential applications. It is an excellent choice for garage floors, kitchens, countertops, restrooms, warehouses, laboratories, cafeterias, and other retail locations.  Coverage Per Gallon 130-200 sq ft. Recommended Film Thickness 8-12 mils.

All estimated coverage rates depend on installation and surface conditions.


  If you need our advice on your project, call us 800-808-0414.  We’ll walk you through the process!

Additional information

HempCoat Base

Nature White Base Coat, Gray Base Coat

FlexRock Base Coat

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 in
Base Color


FXP-80 Polyaspartic TopCoat with Color Tint

Weight 30 lbs
Top Coat Colors

White, Off White, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, Charcoal Gray, Black, Beige, Fazor Tan, Tan, SE Camel, Brown, Tile Red, Clear

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