Water Based Epoxy Primer FXP/WBE (2-Gal Kit)


FX-P/WBE is a two-component water-based epoxy primer


FX-P/WBE is a two component water based epoxy coating that exhibits excellent characteristics that rival solvent based products. FX-P/WBE has superb chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and substrate penetration. RECOMMENDED FOR: Recommended for priming or coating concrete, wood or masonry. This product can withstand exposure to many common solvents and chemicals. STANDARD COLORS: Off white, light gray, medium gray, tile red, beige, and amber clear. NOTE: The clear (gardner 11) is not water clear and is not suitable for top coating over previously color coated floors. The clear is suitable as a primer or concrete sealer only. RECOMMENDED FILM THICKNESS: 5 -7 mils per coat wet thickness (yields 2-3 mils dry).  COVERAGE PER GALLON: 229 to 320 square feet @ 5-7 mils wet thickness.   Size: 2-gallon kit 




Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Primer Coats

Amber Clear, Off White, Beige, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Tile Red


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