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Aggregate / Silica Quartz Sand

Aggregate / Silica Quartz Sand

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Silica Quartz Sand is semi-angular in shape, suitable for use in thin mil or high build pigmented coatings, depending on mesh size.  

Silica Quartz Sand "0" / 20-40 mesh / creates a rough surface for use in pigmented high build

Silica Quartz Sand "00" / 40-60 mesh / creates a textured surface for use in pigmented high build 

Silica Quartz Sand "Ottawa" / 40-100 mesh / finer sand- creates mild texture for use in pigmented high build or thin mil

Packaged in 50lb Bags - 1/2 lb per sq ft per coat for full broadcast or less for lighter broadcast

Aggregate Application Guide

Silica Quartz Sand

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