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FX-866T Exterior Deck Topcoat

FX-866T Exterior Deck Topcoat

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FlexRock FX-866T Exterior Deck Topcoat is a single-component, moisture-curing polyurethane coating used for locking in aggregate on a traffic-bearing polyurethane coating system. FX-866T is an aliphatic urethane coating recommended for exterior, sun-exposed applications. 

FX-866T is available in gray, tan, and clear.  It is to be used as a topcoat in conjunction with FlexRock FX-100 exterior coating system. 

Clear Topcoat can be colored with FX-866T - Polyaspartic Pigment.  Colors: Beige, Black, Dark Gray, Fazor Tan, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Off-White, Tan, Tile Red, SE Camel, & White.  FX-866T - Pigment needs to be added to the cart separately.  

Typical installations would include parking decks, mechanical room floors, roof decks, plazas, recreation decks, walkways, balconies, and other surfaces where waterproofing-coated surfaces are needed.

This product has excellent abrasion resistance to wheel and pedestrian traffic. 




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