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High Wear Additive, Tabular Aluminum

High Wear Additive, Tabular Aluminum

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High Wear Additive, Tabular Aluminum

White/Off-White Crystalline Granules

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Two grades of the Aluminum oxide are available. The 325 mesh is used for increasing wear resistance while the 60 mesh is incorporated to increase slip resistance. RECOMMENDED FOR: Recommended for use in our FX-321 and FX-322 polyurethane line of products.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Aluminum oxide products are high density, coarse crystalline aluminas that have been converted to corundum form. As such, they are fully shrunk in the manufacturing process. They are produced by sintering calcined alumina at a temperature just under the fusion point of the aluminum oxide. These aluminum particles are then crushed, graded or screened and then ground to their specific powdered particle size. These particles have a high thermal conductivity and good resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. In addition, these particles have a high heat capacity, high electrical capacity and excellent abrasion resistance.

MIX RATIO: Generally, the product is incorporated into the urethane products at a ratio of 1.60# aggregate for every gallon of mixed liquid

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