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Save up to 80% vs. the cost of roof replacement

Are you worried that your roof is weak and vulnerable to harsh weather conditions? Maybe your concern lies with the number of years your current roof will last? Whatever the case may be, Flexrock Coatings offers a high-quality easy to apply roof coating solution.

Flexrock Coating has 3 times the adhesion power of other roof coatings. Choosing FlexRock Coatings will save you up to 80% the money you would spend on a roof replacement project!

You can write off every penny you spend with Flexrock Coatings. The Flexrock Coatings System is 100% tax deductible.

Coat your roof in Flexrock Coating and forget about it for years to come while saving big time!

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    Flat Roof Sealant | Roof Coating

    Your Go-To Selection For Long-lasting
    Roof Coating Solutions

    Toughest Seamless Roof Coating Available!

    flat roof sealant - Before Extreme Sealants

    Flat Roofs Are Problematic.

    Extreme adhesion. Can be applied without pressure washing, preventing any further water damage.

    From homes and apartment complexes to shopping malls and schools, Flexrock Coatings is the solution to go for! Our carefully formulated and designed coating solution is suitable for use on commercial and private property.

    Easy to use | Durable | Versatile
    Why wouldn’t you get coated?

    “We own number commercial properties and shopping malls up a down the front range. Using FlexRock to resurface our flat roofs has saved us ten of thousands instead of roof replacement”.

    John A. , JA Properties, Aurora, CO

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    Easy & Simple Roll On
    Roofing Applications

    Flat Roof Sealant | Roof Coating

    Strong roof coating that does not cost you a fortune!

    Now that you’ve decided to coat your roof instead of spending too much on costly roof replacement project, it is time to decide which coating option to use!
    Here is why FlexRock Coating is the best choice:

    • Easy roll-on application.
    • It can be used to repair almost any commercial flat or low sloping roof.
    • Ponding water has no effect on FlexRock Coatings.
    • FlexRock roof coatings is self-leveling, super-adhesive, waterproof, sustainable, and fast-curing.
    • It also provides waterproof protection (particularly useful in the rain season).
    • Stands up to permanent ponding water without bubbling, peeling, or breaking down.
    • AC and Duct work repair.
    • Great for metal seam repairs.
    Flexrock Coating VS Other Coatings